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Our Objectives

Our four main objectives are each tailored to empowering businesses to thrive in the AI era:

Seamless AI Integration: We provide expert guidance and support to seamlessly integrate AI into your operations. We want to ensure that your businesses can leverage AI technologies effectively and efficiently to drive growth, optimise processes, and enhance their competitive edge.

Human-Centric AI Solutions: AI-UK is committed to capitalising on the human aspect of both our business and yours. Our AI solutions complement and enhance human capabilities, fostering a collaborative environment where AI empowers employees rather than replace them. By prioritising a people-centric approach, we create sustainable and inclusive AI implementations that deliver value for both your company and its workforce.

Demystifying AI: We understand that the realm of AI can often be perceived as complex and intimidating. We work with you to demystify AI technologies, making them accessible and understandable to managers, employers, and business owners. Through tailored training programs and clear communication, you will build confidence in AI adoption, empowering your business to embrace AI with enthusiasm and foresight.

AI Readiness Support: Not all businesses are immediately prepared to implement AI solutions. AI-UK bridges this gap by offering comprehensive AI readiness solutions. We provide you with the necessary capabilities, training, and tools to equip your team for an AI-ready future. Whether it’s upskilling employees or designing customised AI strategies, we ensure that your business is well-prepared to unlock the potential of AI when the time is right.

Our Relationship with AI

At AI-UK, we define AI as an empowering resource that augments human capabilities and drives innovation.

AI encompasses the development of computer systems that can learn, understand natural language, and make decisions. As such, it can be harnessed as a tool to unlock the potential of data, enabling businesses to gain valuable insights, automate processes, and deliver personalised experiences to customers.

AI is a collaborator, complementing and enhancing the skills of individuals. With the right guidance and understanding, AI becomes a transformative force, empowering businesses and individuals to reach their full potential.

Our Story

AI-UK was born of a passion for ushering businesses into the future of artificial intelligence with clarity, purpose, and inclusivity. As a leading AI consulting company, we take pride in helping businesses navigate the complexities of AI implementation, while capitalising on the human aspect that lies at the heart of innovation.

Our team is driven by a commitment to democratise AI for businesses like yours, rooted in the belief that we can work together with AI to build a better future.

The AI-UK Executive Team

Justin Hall

Chief Executive Officer

Born in South Africa, Justin started his professional career empowering individuals and marginalised communities to reach their full potential and navigate social challenges through several charities of which he was a founding member. Registered with numerous governmental organisations, he has always been personally involved with the improvement of our most fundamental structures and with raising awareness of social issues on national TV, debate platforms, and his own radio talk show.

Having completed several qualifications himself, Justin has taught at university level, in schools, and founded his own community enrichment school. These, combined with being a published poet and author, writing in the area of leadership development, strongly testify to his firm belief in the power of education.

Justin has many years of experience in C-suite leadership, B2B and B2C sales, fundraising, training, management, leadership, and international executive coaching. All this expertise is now the driving force behind Justin’s passion to empower individuals and organisations to reach their full potential as the CEO of AI-UK.

Aurin Avenir

Chief Technology Officer

With a proven track record of driving growth and innovation, Aurin brings a wealth of expertise to AI-UK’s executive team. As the former Associate Director at Zentelligence Ltd, she contributed to advising global entities on technology evolution, cyber security, and Big Data. Her experience as an Information Security Analyst and Technical Writer at ITC Secure Networking, coupled with an MA in Computing and Artificial Intelligence, is a testament to her passion for bridging technical intricacies and strategic business needs. Aurin’s ability to craft security policies, interpret data for insightful reports, and coordinate advertising campaigns showcase a versatile skill set which is now focused on enhancing AI-UK’s client experience. With an additional Master’s degree in Psychology and a profound passion for creative writing, Aurin perfectly embodies the fusion of creativity and strategy AI-UK champions in its own AI integration projects.

Grant Nuss

Chief Sales Officer

Grant started his career in the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods industry and quickly rose to senior management and eventually became a Sales Director. Throughout his career in senior management and director positions, he was frequently headhunted due to his ability to establish strong and successful trade relationships. His primary focus has always been on achieving mutual success for both parties, which has allowed him to gain extensive knowledge and experience in various industries. As a result, he has become a well-known and successful change agent in Sales, Marketing, Finance, Outdoor Media, Hospitality, and Higher Education.

Through his management and leadership experience, and business development skills, he has been able to grow organisations and individuals alike. His expertise has been highly valued, as evidenced by his invitation to lecture at the university where he graduated, on topics ranging from Leadership and Ethics to Sociology and Worldviews.

Grant has an impressive range of skills, including sales, marketing, coaching, team building, and personal development. He is skilled at transforming individuals and organisations, as well as shaping them for growth. When he’s not working, Grant loves spending time with his family, playing golf, lawn bowls, and running marathons. He is also a talented musician, having released three albums of his own Maskandi genre music that receive radio play. Additionally, he has published his first book.

Mark Mirams

Chief Principal Advisor

Mark is a highly skilled and experienced C-Suite leader with extensive knowledge in the Urban and Environmental planning sectors. He holds a BA (Hons) degree in Urban and Environmental Planning and a Post Graduate Diploma in Town Planning.

Mark has worked in development management in four different local authorities in various roles, giving him an understanding of the challenges and limitations of development management. He has the ability to train, coach, and mentor less experienced staff, helping them reach their full potential. Mark is well-versed in managing resources effectively and can think clearly about the tone, method, content, and channel of responses that best suit the situation and audience. These skills make him an invaluable asset to AIUK and enable them to expand and enhance their service offerings to businesses seeking their assistance.

Jaspal Singh


An entrepreneurial visionary, Jaspal has woven a tapestry of success through a portfolio of ventures dedicated to enhancing people’s lives. His dynamic approach stems from a commitment to democratise intricate processes, making them accessible to all. With a rich history of building businesses that simplify complexity, Jaspal stands as a beacon of empowerment in todays’ technology-driven landscape.

Jaspal’s multifaceted journey encompasses planning, engineering, security, and technological implementation. Each venture undertaken by him is imbued with a profound drive to level the playing field, ensuring that every individual has an equal opportunity to flourish in the modern world. His legacy is one of breaking barriers, where innovation and accessibility converge, echoing the core values championed by AI-UK.

Mark Strawbridge


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